It might look like an, as yet , unscreened episode of Call the Midwife but this photo shows an ante-natal class in Bolton from almost 50 years ago.

The Bolton News: Bolton ante-natal class, 1975

Sadly we don’t know where this was taken but we know it’s from January 1975 and features health visitor Mrs Anne Dootson (top) and midwife Mrs Elizabeth Bates.

They were showing mums-to-be some relaxation techniques to help them through their pregnancies and it looks as though the class could have been held in a church or community hall.

Lying on a rug with a pillow to rest your head doesn’t seem to be the most relaxing thing to do but we’re sure the health professionals knew what they were doing. And the young mums certainly look suitably relaxed - indeed, a couple of them could even be asleep.

It’s a long shot but does anyone recognise any of the mums-to-be? Or perhaps you know where the ante-natal class was being held.

If you can help provide more details of this photo we’d love to hear from you. And we’d like to hear of your ante-natal class stories too which we could then share with Looking Back Readers.

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