Drivers have been warned about “flashing their lights” to warn others about police speed operations.

This comes after officers carried out spontaneous speeding operations in the area around Whitefield over the weekend of Saturday May 11 and Sunday May 12.

But they say they did not manage to catch anyone speeding heading towards Radcliffe on Radcliffe New Road.

A GMP spokesperson said: “We could see for ourselves that motorists, travelling towards Radcliffe, were flashing their lights to warn oncoming motorists.

“This is an offence and we will be incorporating this into our operations.”

But they had more success elsewhere with a total of 35 drivers have now been contacted by their central ticket office.

Police targeted areas in included Higher Lane, where the highest speed was 52mph in a 30mph zone and Bury Old Road where is was 46mph in a 30mph zone.

They were also at Bury New Road, where the highest speed was 45mph in a 30mph zone, Hollins Lane where it was 47 in a 30mph zone and Croft Lane were it was 39mph, also in a 30mph zone.

A GMP spokesperson said: “The Whitefield Neighbourhood Policing Team have had another productive weekend!

“You asked us for pro-active, hi-visibility, re-assurance patrols within the community.

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“We have been out and about, on foot and in vehicles throughout the weekend engaging with members of the public.”

They added: “We have made plans to visit a number of properties, over the next few weeks, alongside Bury Council, formerly SixTown Housing.

“We will work with our partners’ to deal with long-term, complex Neighbour issues.