Heartbroken Bolton Wanderers fans were left with their heads in their hands after a disappointing match with Oxford.

While hundreds of fans made the trek to Wembley Stadium, some sat and watched from the Bolton Stadium Hotel.

And what started off with high energy and expectations, ended in fury, disappointment, and with many leaving before the match finished.

Wanderers lost 0-2 to Oxford, and fans had very little to say about it.

Graeme Smith said: “It was unprofessional, I didn’t think it was very good.

“Bolton had an opportunity to do well, but they let themselves down today.

"We had a good chance to go up, but obviously they are not ready to go up."

The Bolton News: Graeme and Paula Rice

While his partner, Paula Rice said: “It’s disappointing because they can do it, but they didn’t want to.

“It was there in their hands, yet they didn’t take it.”

Before the game began, the hotel was full of excited supporters spoting their Wanderers shirts and refusing to comment as they didn’t want to ‘jinx’ it.

But the atmosphere took a dramatic turn and energy in the room diminished as the first goal was scored by Oxford, and by the time the second goal was scored, many chose to go home early to avoid seeing the other team’s fans celebrate.

The Bolton News: Group of fans

One fan said: “We all thought we’d get beaten really, but we didn’t expect it to be this bad.

“We didn’t really turn up at all, which is standard for Bolton at Wembley, in my experience anyway.

Karen Lowe has been watching Bolton play since she was a child, and despite the loss, held out some hope for the next time.

She said: “It was just really disappointing to watch it, but let’s regroup and start again.

“It was embarrassing from start to finish, we just weren’t in it.

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“There was no passion or joy, but we can start again next season and go up automatically and then take the Championship by storm.

“I was expecting a loss because Bolton cannot do big games, which is one thing I have learned over the years.”

The Bolton News: Karen Lowe

Outside the stadium, fans waited for taxis to go home, and discussed what went wrong for the team.

One said: “It was the worst we played all year; it was dire.

Another joked: “It was terrible, I’ve never seen them so bad, and I’ve only seen them play three times.”