A motorist being chased by traffic police crashed into a safety barrier - shutting the slip road on to and off the M61 for more than three hours.

Police have released dramatic crash images following the early morning chase.

The Bolton News: Aftermath of crash in Kearsley

The Bolton News reported this morning that the slip road onto Kearsley Island/St Peters Way was shut from around 5am after a crash.

Now traffic officers have released a statement explaining why.

The Bolton News: Aftermath of crash in Kearsley

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police Traffic Unit said: "This morning (Sunday, May 19 )the slip road from the M61 Kearsley Spur onto Kearsley Island / St Peters Way was closed due to an RTC (road traffic collision)  following a pursuit where the offending vehicle collided with the safety barrier.

"The driver was arrested & is in custody for a number of offences."

During the incident traffic could not join the spur from the M61 Southbound, and traffic joining from the M61 Northbound cannot leave the spur to head up to the roundabout.

The slip roads were reopened just before 9am.