Residents had their say on a £20m investment program into a Bolton town. 

The money was handed out to Farnworth to regenerate its high street and tackle anti-social behaviour as part of the government’s long term plan for towns. 

In March, the 'Farnworth Town Board' was created to draw up a plan on what the funding will go into over the next decade. 

Now, locals are being consulted on what they would like to see the money spent in the town. 

The Bolton News: Cllr Sue Haworth with workers at the consultationCllr Sue Haworth with workers at the consultation (Image: Newsquest)

On May 20, two community consultation sessions were held at the New Bury UCAN Centre and Farnworth Start Well and Young People's Centre. 

At the Start Well centre, residents highlighted issues such as provision for young people, including a youth centre, transport to Royal Bolton Hospital and the utilisation of empty buildings. 

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Ward councillor, Sue Haworth, said: "We are encouraging residents to have their say. There is some really modern techniques being used, people haven't just been talked at, they have done group work, put sticky notes on boards to show what they thing. 

"There is also a website people can use where you can pin your idea on a map of Farnworth. 

The Bolton News: Suggestions for how to spend the moneySuggestions for how to spend the money (Image: Newsquest)

"We are the second biggest town in the borough after Bolton, and unless the public want to lobby me differently, I am committed to seeing a good purpose-built youth centre. 

"It would also need some sort of on-street youth engagement team that can work around it." 

She added: "I have listened to hundreds, thousands of people in Farnworth over the years. I am persuaded that this is what they want. 

"Teenagers and young people, if they are engaged and respected and given opportunities rather than hanging around and getting on roofs of buildings, we have enough evidence to know that works to help them make better choices for their lives."

The Bolton News: Residents' suggestionsResidents' suggestions (Image: Newsquest)

To find out more about this development and to have your say online, visit here:

Chris Reddy of Bright Leaders said: "Because we do a lot of work in the area with Bright leaders, I wanted to come down and see what people are saying. 

"I am really interested in giving the youth a voice with this. Some people think kids are the problem, but I think they are the solution. 

"I am going to speak with all the schools in the area, and it will be easy because there is so much enthusiasm amongst the kids."