Young people are cooking up a treat to celebrate National Share-a-Story Month.

This year's theme is 'A Feast of Stories' and what better way to ignite a passion for reading than creating pupils' favourite recipes.

EdStart School in Horwich putting on special cookery lessons inspired by the young people's favourite dishes.

This nationwide literacy event, organised by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, aims to connect young people with stories and foster a lifelong love of reading.

This year the idea is to delve into the culinary delights featured in a variety of books, from cookery guides to novels.

By highlighting the sensory experience of food and drink in storytelling, it is another way of bringing stories to life.

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Year nine students at EdStart School in Horwich enthusiastically selected recipes from a diverse collection of cookery books.

Drawing inspiration from an Italian cookbook, they prepared and enjoyed a dish of linguine pasta with cream and salmon.

Jessica Holt, Head of School at EdStart School in Horwich, said: “Storytelling is a powerful tool for learning and igniting our imaginations.

“This year’s National Share-a-Story Month theme has provided a wonderful opportunity to engage students in a multi-sensory exploration of literature.

“We've seen this approach effectively captivate reluctant readers, sparking their enthusiasm and even leading to the creation of a cookery club where they can share and explore recipes together.”

James Lowe, EdStart School CEO, said: “In addition to building a love for reading, these activities highlight the practical benefits of literacy. Students gain fluency in reading and comprehension, which are essential skills for following recipes and understanding instructions.

“They also see real-life applications of their literacy skills, from measuring ingredients to cooking meals, which reinforces the importance of reading in everyday life.

“Our innovative approach to National Share-a-Story Month shows how blending different forms of creativity can enrich the educational experience for reluctant readers, demonstrating the real-life benefits of fluency and fostering a deeper love for reading among our students.”

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