Bolton MPs have reacted after a snap General Election was called yesterday. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak addressed the nation, announcing the vote for July 4.

He fired the starting gun outside 10 Downing Street, making the economy and combating the global security threats facing the UK the key elements of his pitch to the nation. 

A sodden Mr Sunak had to battle both the rain and the sounds of New Labour anthem Things Can Only Get Better being blasted from beyond the Downing Street gates, as he said he would “fight for every vote” as he attempts to overturn a 20-point opinion poll deficit.

Bolton West Conservative MP ​Chris Green, said: "I quite enjoyed watching the speech, it was kind of brilliant. 

The Bolton News: Chris Green MPChris Green MP (Image: Office of Chris Green MP)

"I have been wanting an early election for quite some time, it is the right thing and I think the national mood is there. This was a nervy five years, it was about time anyway. 

"The country will give their verdict and I am looking forward to the campaign in Bolton West. 

"We are expecting the Leader of the House to make an announcement about recess, but there is going to be a big wash-up on all the important bills." 

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He added: "For example, I am on the Football Regulator bill committee and we want the Government to tie up those loose ends for Bolton Wanderers fans and the wider football league it is immensely important. 

"Issues like that need cross-party support to get those things delivered, and then it is going to be a long, hard slog, hopefully not in weather like this! 

"Although as the current MP there is a lot of uncertainty, it is still a positive event for the country. 

The Bolton News: Yasmin Qureshi MPYasmin Qureshi MP (Image: Yasmin Qureshi MP)

"The opinion polls are a case for worry. At the last General Election, which I call the BBC election - Boris, Brexit, Corbyn - however you they felt about them was how you voted. 

"This time it is about MPs and candidates in their local communities. Since I was elected in 2015, I have always kept Bolton West first and I hope to show that to constituents in the coming weeks."

Yasmin Qureshi, MP for Bolton South East, said: "We finally have the General Election date we have been calling for. Frankly, it was a disgrace that it wasn't held a few weeks ago alongside the local elections.

"I am ready and have been for some time. Everywhere I go across my constituency, I find people fed up after 14 years of this Tory Government.

"It is time for change. I am looking forward to getting out there and talking to voters about their priorities and discussing Labour's plans, particularly our 5 missions.

"I won't be taking any votes for granted. It is time to get Britain's future back."