Frustrated parents have hit out at roadworks causing delays near three schools where pupils are sitting their GCSEs.

Roadworks nearby to Turton School, Canon Slade High School and Thornleigh Salesian College have led to delays for motorists heading both to work and dropping kids off at school.

These include Turton Road, Darwen Road, Bolton Road and Longworth Road.

And one mum, Stacey Matthews-Farrell, said it is causing added stress for pupils who are already feeling anxious about their exams – and even possibly making them late to school.

The 38-year-old from Breightmet said: “I have rung the three schools in the area, and they have all said that some kids are turning up late because of the works.

“I just don’t understand why they didn’t just do the works next week when the kids are off school.

“They are doing roadworks near the schools, and they have turned the road into one lane now so that means the people who are turning to go up to Turton are having to wait until the traffic is completely cleared going past Canon Slade.

“They have blocked one of the roads off in Edgworth and I think they have got roadworks near Blackburn Road.

“It is just ridiculous, I don’t understand why they didn’t wait, we have been stuck in traffic for an hour in the morning and it normally only takes me ten minutes from my house to my daughter'spage school.

The Bolton News: Lane closureLane closure (Image: Stacey Matthews-Farrell)“And who wants to sit in traffic for an hour before you have got an exam because my daughter is currently doing her GCSEs.

“It causes a worry that you might not get there on time for the exam and it is just not fair.

“It is stressing my daughter out, but it is also stressing me out as well as I am having to leave earlier, and I have got work to get to as well.

“On the Bromley Cross Facebook page, quite a few parents from different schools are saying the same thing that it is ridiculous that the kids are having to stress.

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“There are some people saying the kids should walk to school, but we live two miles away, it would take my daughter ages to get there, and it is pouring down.

“The road is stressful on a normal day and now they have added roadworks to make it even more stressful for everybody knowing that the kids will be sitting GCSEs.

The Bolton News: One lane of traffic as works take placeOne lane of traffic as works take place (Image: Stacey Matthews-Farrell)“We set off at 7.50am and didn’t get to the school until 8.50am, with only about five minutes to spare.

“It is a long time to be sitting in the traffic.”

Other parents have also taken to social media to air their concerns about the roadworks and why they believe there are delays.

One dad said: “It appears to be a combination of resurfacing of Longworth Road and the temporary traffic lights, perfect timing, right in the middle of GCSEs.”

Another said the traffic is backed up all around Egerton, Astley Bridge and Bromley Cross.

Cllr Samantha Connor, ward councillor for Bromley Cross said: "With temporary lights heading towards Astley Bridge, the traffic has become backed up into Egerton and Bromley Cross.

"This combined with temporary lights near Arnold Road have added to the issue. These temporary lights have now gone.

"The only council roadworks are for resurfacing of Longworth Road, Egerton which I believe should now be almost completed.

"The work and lights on Blackburn Road are scheduled to be finished tomorrow. 

"I completely understand residents frustration I live in Egerton and travel to work in Bromley Cross, it has of course been very congested and a slow commute.

"However, most of the works now appear to be completed.

"As councillors, we do give prior notice to alert residents of local roadworks to help plan their journey, allowing extra time."

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