A Bolton manufacturer has been hailed as a major success story for an innovative new recruitment scheme.

This comes after Manchester Road based Arboles UK partnered with the Department for Work and Pensions’ free recruitment support services scheme.

The company has had more than 150 years of experience working on the town but had run into difficulties with filling a crucial role.

Director Rob Biggins said: "Trying to fill a recent role has been challenging.

“We tried social media and recruitment agencies, but it wasn't giving the desired results for a small company like ours."

The Bolton News: Mr Biggins has recommended that people get in touch with their local job centreMr Biggins has recommended that people get in touch with their local job centre (Image: Newsquest)

But he found that turning to the job centre to try and help fill the role was much more fruitful.

Mr Biggins said: "Thinking back years ago, I remembered where everyone went to find work, I decided to explore the jobcentre, reasoning, it’s the first-place people think of when things get tough.

“It was surprisingly easy to connect with them online or phone to begin with, and that's when I met Pauline Boyden, the local Employer Adviser based in Bolton jobcentre."

He says he found that working with DWP staff helped to save Arboles UK, which specialises in manufacturing gas and laboratory taps, time and resources.

Mr Biggins said: "Pauline sifted through applications aligned with our criteria, and we were presented with a number of talented, suitable candidates.

“It was clear to see their targeted approach.”

He added:  “I wanted to keep the criteria concise, essentially only list what was important such as interpersonal skills with colleagues and customers.

“Rather than a long lists of desirable criteria, and qualifications, many of which could be taught later with suitable training.

“During my interview, discussions also included job specific requirements to enable candidates to bet vetted more precisely.

“We agreed Pauline would collect and sift applications on my behalf, then we took it from there with the interviews”.

The Bolton businessman now says that he would strongly recommend other companies across the borough to try the scheme for themselves.

He said: “There's a pool of skilled individuals accessing DWP services through no fault of their own, who have so much to offer local businesses like ours.

“What sets DWP apart is the human touch, you get personalised, face to face support and local insights that online recruitment services lack."

This has been echoed by DWP spokesperson and 50PLUS Champion Victoria Boylan.

She said: “At the DWP, our mission is to connect skilled individuals with employers ensuring local jobs for local people.

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“We’re proud to offer personalised support to both jobseekers and employers.

“Through our free Recruitment Support Services, we aim to streamline the recruitment process for businesses of all sizes.

“We prioritise face-to-face interactions, enabling us to create quality connections very quickly between employers and jobseekers that go beyond traditional recruitment methods.”

She added: “I am thrilled to share this success story and look forward to seeing other local businesses flourish with the support of DWP's Jobcentre Employer Services.”

Businesses can contact the DWP’s Employer Services Line by calling 0800 169 0178.