A Bolton man has been named as Slimming World Man of the Year at his class after losing an incredible nine and a half stone since March of last year.

Jack Self, 23, from Daisy Hill, said his life has ‘completely changed’ for the better after he pushed himself out of his comfort zone and joined the Daisy Hill Slimming World's 6.30pm session.

He started his journey weighing 24 stone and 10 and a half pounds - and hopes to lose another 24 pounds to reach his end goal.

Jack has become a TikTok sensation sharing his Slimming World meal ideas and has gained 24k followers on his account, fatboyslimmer00.

He shares a range of recipe ideas which help with his motivation.

Speaking about what inspired him to take on the weight loss journey, Jack said: “I started my weight loss journey on March 15 of 2023, so just over a year ago and it has been a quick transformation.

The Bolton News: Jack wearing the same t-shirt before and after his weightlossJack wearing the same t-shirt before and after his weightloss (Image: Jack Self)“My partner did Slimming World in the past a couple of times and then she started doing it again and offered for me to go with her/.

"At first I was a bit hesitant because you don’t see many men usually and I am also a lot younger than a lot of other people there, but it inspired me more after I started.

"I started to see a difference.

“Hitting this nine-and-a-half stone weight loss I would say it has changed my entire life to be honest.

“It has gone from strength to strength.

"My general fitness is much better, I feel like my health is definitely better, I can just do a lot more than I could do before even simple things like walking, I am much better at walking now.

"I just feel much fitter and healthier.

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“I am still a bit hesitant about my body, but it definitely has brought me much more confidence.

“I want to lose another 24 pounds so my end goal will be 11 and a half stone."

Jack said his partner also inspired him to set up the TikTok account for members of the Slimming World group, but it has just taken off.

He said: “When we were in the groups we would mention the foods we had been making that week and people would ask us how we made it.

"At first we were just posting on Cath’s Facebook group about our meals.

The Bolton News: Jack before his weight loss and afterJack before his weight loss and after (Image: Jack Self)“But then my partner said why don’t you make a TikTok for the food videos so people could watch them rather than having to write them all down.

“And it just sort of took off a bit and it made me keep going, seeing other people enjoying the content of the food also inspired me to keep going with my weight loss.

“It gave me motivation to keep going.”

Jack said he would recommend people to just go for it.

He said: “It is the hardest thing to start.

“Once you start and you start to get into a groove, that is when you find your motivation.

“It is the most difficult thing just to start but everything is definitely achievable.”

Catherine Cleary, the group's consultant, said: “Jack’s dedication has undoubtedly brought a new dynamic to the evening session, which now boasts three more men inspired by his progress.

“Embracing Slimming World's unique Body Magic plan, Jack has developed a newfound love for running, regularly setting and breaking personal records.

“His passion for healthy living extends to the kitchen, where he has become a TikTok sensation under the handle Fatboyslimmer00, sharing his culinary creations with a growing audience.

“Jack's journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination and support.

“His story is not just about weight loss but about gaining a healthier, more vibrant life. He looks fantastic and serves as an inspiration to all.”

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