Borough politicians have reacted to the shock news that former Bolton North East MP Mark Logan has defected to the Labour Party. 

The former Conservative MP, who represented the constituency from December 2019 until the dissolution of Parliament on Thursday, announced he would be resigning from the party with immediate effect. 

He gave his support to the Labour Party at the upcoming general election

Reacting to the news, Conservative MP for Bolton West, Chris Green said: "Ever since Mark Logan was first elected in 2019, I consistently heard concerns and complaints about his absence from the local community, that he wasn't doing the case work and the other duties expected of a Member of Parliament. 

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"I think that just like [Dover MP] Natalie Elphicke, he will find the perfect home in the Labour party." 

Labour candidate for Bolton North East, Kirith Entwistle, said: "I think it just goes to show how fed up people are of the Tories, that even their own MPs don't have faith in them anymore. 

"We'll continue to run a strong campaign here in Bolton North East, taking nothing for granted, speaking to as many voters as possible, to return a Labour victory on 4th July." 

In a statement released this evening, the Conservative Party hit back at the former MPs announcement, confirming that a new Tory candidate would be selected "in due course."

Following an interview with BBC News today, Mr Logan further explained his decision to back Sir Keir Starmer's party in a "personal statement" posted to his X account, saying the decision came after "much soul-searching".

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He said: “I have concluded that we need a new government and I believe the UK will be best served with that government being a Labour government.”

Mr Logan took his seat from Labour in the 2019 election with a narrow majority of just 378, making it one of the most marginal in the country.

He also confirmed he would not contest the Bolton North East seat at the next election.