A boxing club welcomed the Australian Olympic team to Bolton for a day of training.

The Australian Olympic Boxing Team visited the Round for Round Boxing Academy, hosted at Amir Khan’s renowned gym in Bolton.

The event marked a significant day for local gym members who had the unique opportunity to train alongside top Olympic level boxers.

Ground-breaking hijabi boxer, Tina Rahimi, was at the gym from the Australian team, inspiring young girls in Bolton to continue their own boxing journeys.

The boxers took to a training session to spar and exchange techniques with the Olympic athletes.

Ashif Ashik who runs the gym with Nasir Akram, said: “When we host international teams, it’s about more than just the training. It’s about learning from each other, sharing experiences, and creating lasting friendships.

“This is what Round4Round stands for.”

Boxers and coaches from both teams shared stories and experiences throughout the session.

Head coach Santiago Nieva said: “This has been an incredible experience for our team.

“The hospitality of the people here in Bolton, and the opportunity to train and learn in such a fantastic facility, has been invaluable.

“We look forward to future collaborations.”

The day’s activities also included visits to the Recovery Room, a wellness clinic that is part of the Round for Round organisation.

Managed by Dr Imran Khan, the clinic offers services designed to aid in athletes’ recovery and overall well-being.

Dr Khan, a physiotherapist with extensive experience, provided personalized recovery sessions to both local and visiting boxers.

Ash said: “The sessions were a blend of skill drills, sparring matches, and fitness routines, highlighting the discipline and dedication required at the highest levels of the sport.

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“The interaction was not only a learning experience for the locals but also a bonding opportunity, as boxers from different backgrounds and cultures found common ground in their shared passion for the sport.”

Nasir highlighted how important the day had been for the Round4Round boxers who promoted community cohesion as well as skills mixing.

He said: “Boxing brings people together.

“It’s about more than just sport, it’s about building bridges and understanding between different communities.”