Union members across Bolton have been urged to reject a pay offer that falls “well short” of what they had hoped for.

This comes after council and school workers were offered a pay increase that public sector union Unison says is below the rise of £3000 or 10 per cent they had hoped for.

The union has now launched a consultation for its members all across England, Wales and Northern Ireland asking if they should accept the offer.

Bolton Unison branch chair Phil Chanin said: “Many of our members are low paid and face the sharp end of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

“After years of austerity and below inflation rises our members deserve a fair settlement.

Bolton Unison members marching in LondonBolton Unison members marching in London (Image: Public)

“Our joint union claim was for £3,000 or 10 per cent, whichever is the greater.

“The offer from the local government employers falls well short this.

“We are recommending that members vote to reject.

“Ultimately the consultation is a democratic vote, and we want members to take part whatever their views.”

Instead of the £3,000 or 10 per cent pay offer they had hoped for, workers had been offered a pay increase of £1,290.

But the pay claim comes at a hard time for council and school finances not just in Bolton but all over the country.

Bolton Council leader Nick Peel says that to meet pay aspirations, authorities like his will news more support from the national government.

Cllr Peel said: “Local government workers across various sectors have seen their incomes hit several times during the previous period of 14 years of austerity, which has far outstripped any small increases that they have received within that same period.

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“Local government finances are finite and so while I personally sympathise with what they are asking for, it all comes back to the same point.

“This is that we need support from central government.

“We have been saying this for many years and I hope that the next government, and I believe that we will soon have a new government, will be more prepared to listen to this.”

The Unison pay consultation opened on Wednesday May 5 and will close at midday on Friday June 28.