Households across the borough will soon have a new bin collection day as changes to waste collections start next month.

The new changes will come in from Monday, July 15 and residents will be kept informed.

Routes have been revised by the council to increase reliability, enable more efficient waste collection and improve customers service.

Within the revised routes there will be a change of bin collection day, and paper and cardboard bin collections will change from every two weeks to every four weeks.

The council has said that, over the years, a significant reduction in the purchase of newspapers, magazines and paper in general has meant waste collection crews have found many beige bins are not full on collection day. 

Collecting less than full bins does not deliver maximum efficiencies for the service, particularly when considering the cost of operating a bin wagon.

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To ensure residents have clear information on what is happening, all households will be issued with a new bin calendar which will list all collections up to December of this year and include some reminders on what to put in each bin.

Bin collection days are also listed on the council website at

From Monday, July 15, the new rounds and changes to beige bin collections will be implemented.

Bolton Council’s director of place, Jon Dyson, said: “The council has been looking at ways to change and improve bin collection rounds to make them more efficient and reliable.

“By reconfiguring our routes, we can ensure the necessary resources are in place across all collections to offer an improved service to residents.

“From a recycling point of view, as a borough we perform well, our recycling rate is 49.5 per cent, with the national average at 43.3 per cent and we want to continue this success. 

“There are simple steps residents can take to free up extra space in the beige bin, such as flattening cardboard boxes and reusing where possible.”      

For more information about bin collections and recycling, including some FAQs around the changes, visit

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