Police have been giving advice about how to prevent burglaries – as hotspot areas for the crime in the north of Bolton have been revealed.

In May there were 69 residential burglaries in this area and there were also 65 vehicle crimes.

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Police have released the areas where this is most common and given advice on how to prevent becoming a victim of one of these offences.

Halliwell was the worst affected area with 11 burglaries and 12 vehicle offences.

In Smithills there were eight burglaries and six vehicle crimes.

In Crompton West there were nine burglaries and four vehicle crimes.

In Crompton East and Hall I’Th’ Wood there were seven burglary and 14 vehicle crimes.

In Astley Bridge there were nine burglaries and seven vehicle crimes.

In Bromley Cross there were seven burglaries and five vehicle offences.

In Breightmet there were nine burglaries and seven vehicle crimes.

In Tonge and the Haulgh there were seven burglary offences and seven vehicle offences.

The least affected area was Bradshaw where there were two burglaries and two vehicle offences.

Following this police have urged people to lock windows and doors, keep ladders away to stop easy access to a property, not to leave valuables on displace and to have outdoor lighting.

A police spokesperson said: “With warmer months upon us and more people outdoors, we are reminding residents to protect their homes and property.

“As temperatures increase, unfortunately, so can the number of break-ins, especially as people spend more time in their gardens or outside of their homes.

“Insecurity burglaries refer to break-ins or thefts that are enabled by lapses in security measures, such as doors or windows being left unlocked, poor lighting or the absence of a security system.

“These opportunities make it easier for burglars to enter a property with minimal effort or resistance.

“Approximately one in four burglaries are insecure.”