Police successfully tracked and recovered two stolen cars after chasing a driver.

A motorway patrol police car responded to call on a vehicle being tracked and pursued it.

The on-call officer found the stolen Peugeot in Westhoughton and arrested the driver after he allegedly tried to escape and lead him on a foot chase.

The officer checked a Nissan next to the car and found that it was stolen too, police said.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: "Earlier our motorway patrol responded to a car being tracked.

"He located the stolen Peugeot in Westhoughton, where the driver fled on foot.

Stolen carStolen car (Image: GMP)

"Arrested by the officer with the help of passing motorist.

"A check on the Nissan beside the Peugeot showed that to be stolen too."

Recently, officers were on patrol in the Halliwell area on Thursday, June 6 when they came across the light grey Ford on Prince Street.

After the driver failed to stop they gave chase before eventually finding the car abandoned on Grey Street North, where they reportedly found it had false plates attached and illicit materials inside.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said: "While on patrol in Halliwell, officers from the Bolton North Neighbourhood Team noticed this vehicle on Prince Street.

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“The vehicle failed to stop for officers and after a short pursuit the vehicle was found abandoned on Gray Street North.

“The vehicle was searched and inside the vehicle was a quantity of cannabis and a large knife.

“Enquiries also established that the vehicle was a clone and displaying false plates."

Police are cracking down on stolen vehicles around Greater Manchester.