An innovative upcycling scheme dedicated to breathing new life into discarded textiles hopes to make Bolton a greener and more sustainable place.

Future Furnishings, based in Bolton, has collaborated with the University of Bolton, the council and Bolton at Home to create a project which transforms waste materials into stylish and functional items.

By engaging students and the community in creative workshops, the initiative aims to reduce waste, promote sustainability, and foster a sense of community through the power of upcycling.

Their mission is to inspire eco-friendly practices and make Bolton a greener, more sustainable place.

And to inspire the community, there will be an upcoming exhibition over the course of two weeks, from June 15 to July 3, opening daily from 11am to 4pm.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see a wide range of upcycled items on display, participate in hands-on workshops, and learn practical skills for repurposing textiles.

This event is a celebration of creativity, sustainability, and community spirit, bringing together people of all ages to explore the potential of upcycling.

The exhibition be inside the Market Place Shopping Centre.

Future Furnishings teamFuture Furnishings team (Image: Aaron Duggan) Read more top stories here:

During the exhibition there will be a variety of hands-on workshops where participants can learn practical skills in upcycling, such as creating tote bags from old T-shirts or turning discarded fabrics into unique home décor items.

Additionally, the incredible work of participants will be showcased, celebrating their efforts and inspiring others to join the movement.

By turning waste into valuable resources, the collaboration hopes to instil a sense of pride and responsibility towards our environment.

Future Furnishings also believes the project will help bring back some historic value that the town has always had, with many cotton mills still being visible today.

Project organisers hope to capture the imagination from the community to turn their old textile waste into something so much more.

By participating, people can also help reduce textile waste and promote eco-friendly practices.

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