A resident has voiced his frustration after a housing association is now selling off a house which was earmarked for renovation.

Barrie Robinson says the house on Barton Road, New Bury, Farnworth has attracted vandals and fly tippers, with needles being found on the grounds.

Mr Robinson, who lives in the adjoining semi-detached property, said the windows have been smashed and that he had to push Bolton at Home, which owns the house, to board it up. 

He also complained about the lack of upkeep of the house, with grass "growing up to the windows". 

Barrie said: "The old lady who used to have it kept the house up to standard, but after she passed away there had been problems.

Barrie outside the propertyBarrie outside the property (Image: Newsquest)

"It is how Bolton at Home have allowed, for five years, for that house to deteriorate to such a state. 

"We have had problems with fly-tipping, we had to get the council to come and pick up some needles thrown into our garden. 

"At first the house was okay, but then the vandals came in and smashed all the windows." 

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He added: "After we complained, they came and put up the green curtains and the rest of it, but people were still fly-tipping and going in, just typical vandalism. 

"The grass is growing up to the windows." 

For sale sign outside the houseFor sale sign outside the house (Image: Newsquest)

Barrie claims that Bolton at Home told him late last year that they would renovate the property in April. 

It remained in the same state, but now has had a 'for sale' sign put up outside of it. 

He said: "There is now a sign up saying for sale. Selling them off to private tenants, that is disgusting. 

"Somebody could have had that house." 

The houseThe house (Image: Newsquest)

A spokesperson for Bolton at Home, said: “We appreciate Mr. Robinson’s interest in the property and his assistance when it was vandalised.

"Our decision to sell the property, rather than renovate, has been guided by thorough assessments and compliance with our policies and regulatory guidance. 

"When one of our properties is sold, we reinvest the money from sales into improving homes and services and developing new homes.

"These sales contribute to our targeted home investment programme, aimed at updating and improving homes most in need across our neighbourhoods.”