“New voices” could soon be key to remaking Bolton’s town centre and infrastructure as the General Election looms.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was in central Manchester launching his party’s manifesto today, Thursday.

All three Bolton seats are in contention, with two of them among the opposition party’s top targets, which Sir Keir hopes to win over with five pledged unveiled this week.

He said: “So yes, those five national missions, higher growth, safer streets, cleaner energy, more opportunity, the NHS back on its feet, they remain at the core of this manifesto.

“But if they are to offer hope and clarity through these times, if they are to show, despite the hard road the light of the certain destination then we must keep to that road, despite the ebbs and flows of politics, even in the campaign.”

The manifesto focused on areas around economic growth, NHS waiting times, border security, energy prices and anti-social behaviour.

Among the campaigners and reporters at the Noma Co-operative headquarters hosted event were the three Bolton candidates and Bromley Cross businesswoman Allison Angel.

Allison Angel with Kirith EntwistleAllison Angel with Kirith Entwistle (Image: Newsquest)

Ms Angel said that she hoped policies like those outlined at the event would be felt on the ground in Bolton.

She said: “Because I’m an entrepreneur and I’m all about entrepreneurship I think Bolton has got such potential for getting its sparkle back.”

She added: “I think Bolton needs people who are passionate about the high street, about the town centre being invested in again and in people wanting to go out to the shops again.

Sir Keir Addressing the audience Sir Keir Addressing the audience (Image: Newsquest)

“But I think it takes vision to make those changes and that’s why I really like the Labour strapline about change and sometimes I think we need those different voices around the table to make those changes happen and really bring that sense of pride back to Bolton.”

Kirith Entwistle, who is standing in Bolton North East, said she hoped to see major changes made in the borough.

She said: “The main priority for us here in Bolton is we’ve got to see real change and real investment.

“Keir has talked a lot today about growth and investment in our towns and so we hope soon that we’ll start to see that make a real difference.”

Also standing in Bolton North East are Conservative candidate Cllr Adele Warren, Cllr Hanif Alli of the Green Party, Independent candidate Kevin Allsop, Liberal Democrat Rebecca Forrest, Refrom UK’s Trevor Jones, Syeda Misbah Kazmi of the Workers Party and Independent John Partington.

Bolton West Labour candidate Phil BrickellBolton West Labour candidate Phil Brickell (Image: Newsquest)

Phil Brickell, standing in Bolton West, said that he hoped changes to planning laws would help make more facilities and infrastructure projects possible in his area.

He said: “I think all too often we have seen a planning regime that doesn’t put infrastructure at its heart.

“When you look at towns like Westhoughton, like Horwich they have had new houses built but they haven’t had the GP surgeries, community facilities and road improvements to go with them.”

He added: “With housing its not just a numbers game, its really about making sure we have to right amount in the right places and the right amenities to go alongside them.”

Also standing in Bolton West is Conservative Chris Green, Liberal Democrat Donald McIntosh, Vicki Attenborough of the Green Party, Patrick McGrath of the English Democrats and Reform UK's Dylan Evans.

Labour's manifesto has been criticised by the Conservatives who say it their plans will have to involve raising taxes, with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt calling it a “tax trap manifesto”.

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He said: “Under Labour’s published plans, taxes will rise to levels never before seen in this country."

He added: “They are refusing to rule out taxing your job, your home, your pension, your car, your business and they think they can get away with it without anyone holding them to account.

“Be under no illusion, from cradle to grave you will pay more taxes under Labour.”

The General Election will be held on July 4.