Each week we pick a pub to highlight what makes hospitality in our area so special.

This week we have chosen The Ale House located on Church Street, Horwich.

The pub is owned by the Bank Top Brewery and prides itself on having a strong community spirit.

Landlord names:

William Tonge and Abigail Derbyshire.

How long have you been a landlord for?

Eight months

Do you have a beer garden?

We have one with five tables and it catches the sun well.

(Image: NQ)

Do you serve food?

We do snacks and nibbles such as pork scratchings.

(Image: NQ)

What is the best thing about being a landlord?

Abigail said: “It is probably the community we have set up around us.

“Everyone here knows our names.”

William added: “It is a really good thing to see the same people, some here daily and they expect a good service.”

What is the worst thing about being a landlord?

William said: “I think that we keep having to put prices up.

“We serve a lot of our own brewery beer so we are able to keep prices relatively low.

“When we put prices up on larger we get some customers who say ‘how much has it risen by?’”

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What are your most popular drinks?

Flat Caps and Pavilion Pale Ale.

Is there anything else you would like to highlight about the pub?

Abigail said: “I think the main thing is the community.

“I spoke to a customer who said as soon as she walks in she knows she is going to see a familiar face.

“A lot of dog owners will come in after a walk.

“We have a quick on the third Sunday of every month, we have a jam night where musicians can all play together, that is the last Monday of every month, and we have been having a good club going on the third Monday of every month.”

William added: “We always make sure we use local breweries, it is not just our stuff we try to support other breweries around Bolton.”