Two Bolton businesswomen are running an event today, Saturday, for young girls across the borough, particularly in Farnworth, after identifying a "lack of educational programs for youths".

Samantha Edwards, 32 and Leoni Brown, 30, will be running a community event between 11am and 3pm at Leoni Jade Aesthetics on Market Street, Farnworth.

The event will focus on skincare and teaching young girls how to look after themselves – especially skincare education.

Speaking about the event and why they decided to set it up, Samantha said: “I am excited to introduce you to a new local event hosted by Leoni Jade Aesthetics, a passionate local business owner.

“Leoni has been dedicated to the beauty industry for several years, recently expanding into education by offering additional courses.

“In collaboration with myself, I’m a midwife and skincare specialist, we've identified a pressing issue in the Farnworth area regarding the lack of educational programs for youths, particularly concerning girls.

“This void in community engagement can have significant consequences, especially during early adolescence.

“To address this, we've initiated a program targeting 13-16 year olds, focusing on health through skincare education.

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“Our aim is to equip them with essential skills for optimal hygiene and confidence in their own skin.

“The program will essentially reach out to young teenagers to help them with their confidence, to help address things that are happening on social media, to discuss healthier routines and lifestyles.

“So, with the event we have going on, it will start with an icebreaker for them all, and then we will go onto education where I will be delivering talks about skincare, engaging about social media and asking them how they are finding it and what are they watching – trying to teach them ways to use social media in a positive way.

“We will also be opening up about mental health and have a demonstration showing them how to use skincare and how to clean their faces.

“Through this class and through skincare we can open up so many different avenues because we are getting them in a relaxed environment.

“We genuinely believe the event will offer a positive and innovative solution to address the needs of our local youth.”

Attendees are provided lunch and a given basic teen facial with practical to learn. A certificate will also be provided and a goodie bag.

For those interested in attending, the event begins at 11am and is £40.

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