The Bolton Children’s Fiction Award 2024 winner has been announced.

Children's author Lily Bailey's book, 'When I See Blue', won the prize and has been described by one student as a 'realistic step-inside-your-mind' book.

One  said: "Not only did this book really show me what it’s like to have OCD and completely change my understanding of it, it was also a well-written story with fun, twists and excitement.

"This book was one of the most realistic step-inside-your-mind type books I have ever read.

"It really showed me his life and experiences and made me understand OCD far better.

"But it wasn’t just about that, it also had some great plot points and a very exciting ending."

The shortlisted books also included 'While the Storm Rages' by Phil Earle and 'Tyger' by SF Said.

These three novels were chosen by Bolton School Library staff to expand pupils' reading experiences.

Winner Lily Bailey thanked people for the award in a virtual acceptance speech.

The book went down a treat with the childrenThe book went down a treat with the children (Image: Bolton Library)

She said: "This has been such a wonderful awards to be a part of, and when I came to speak to you, you all just made me feel so welcome and just asked the most brilliant questions and were so open with sharing your experiences.

"Thank you to both your fantastic librarians, and Ebb & Flo Bookshop, and all the members of staff who came together to just foster a love of reading and make this event the wonderful event that it has been."

Bolton School Library staff are currently working on a long list of six books for interested staff and students to enjoy over the summer holidays.

The shortlist for the 2025 award is to be chosen from this selection.

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