A Bolton decorator is enjoying a brush with fame!

For Ashley Woodcock has landed himself a role on Lewis Capaldi's new music video.

Ashley of Smithills based A. Woodcock Decorators, can be seen sanding, and prepping for paint in Lewis’s new music video for A Cure for Minds Unwell.

The song has been out for a month and has racked up 343k views with the video following the story and work of Rebuilding Lives UK, a charity which decorates homes for domestic abuse survivors. Ashley is also involved with the charity.

Lewis CapaldiLewis Capaldi (Image: PA Wire/PA Images)

Ashley said: “It was pretty good, but Lewis was not on set because, but we got to meet the other tradespeople involved.

“I am a dad with two girls and our music tastes can differ, but Lewis is someone we all listen to him and agree with.

“It is really important because a lot of domestic abuse goes on so if we can give them a little bit of somewhere to bring them joy.

“I am a decorator if this is something I can do then I want to do it.”

Ashley was invited to the shoot as part of Dulux, who first introduced him to the charity.

Since then, Ashley has dabbled in other TV work including DIY SOS, and Channel 4’s second season of Changing Rooms.

He said: “I work closely with Dulux Paint, and they supply it for some of the projects.

"I was invited to do a day with Rebuilding Lives UK, when I got talking to the owner and I liked it, so I got involved.

“I was invited on behalf of Dulux for the video, and I was representing them.

" I am prepping her flat out and stripping walls and getting stuff in place.

“DIY SOS is more hectic, and this was just half a day but with cameras and I enjoy doing the camera stuff more so to wind my kids up.”

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Ashley explains that decorating homes of abuse survivors can be rewarding.

He said: We try to be more colourful, as they are usually council homes so there is a bit of damp usually, so we sort that out and add some colour, especially when children are involved.

“You’re still painting and given different options and it is a lot more exciting.

“Unfortunately, it is standard, and it is emergency accommodation but make it as nice as possible.

“We paint, plaster, strip wallpaper and make it a happy place from where they are coming from so we make their homes as pleasurable as can be.”