Two people have been arrested on suspicion of drugs offences as police descended on a borough street. 

A large police presence has been seen outside flats on St James Street, Farnworth this morning, Friday. 

Residents say officers first turned up at 1am before arresting people at the flats. 

And this morning numerous officers in forensic suits were seen entering the flats. 

CSI van on sceneCSI van on scene (Image: Newsquest)

Six marked police vehicles, including a CSI van, and at least one unmarked car, were seen in the area. 

Now, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has confirmed that two people were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences after a search warrant was executed. 

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "Officers from Salford have executed a search warrant on James Street, Farnworth. 

"A woman aged 24 and a man aged 49 have both been arrested on suspicion of drugs offences. The search is still ongoing." 

Multiple police vehicles could be seen in the areaMultiple police vehicles could be seen in the area (Image: Newsquest)

One resident said: "They turned up at about 1am, I heard the banging. 

"Two tactical units raided the flats and then police vans showed up and took away people who had been arrested. 

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"After everything disappeared, then all of these vehicles turned up this morning. 

"I don't know what is going on, why there are forensics, all I know is it was raided this morning." 

She added: "As the day has gone on, more and more have been turning up." 

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One man who was passing the area said: "There were lots of police and forensics officers going into a home.

 "Something quite serious seems to have happened. I saw six police vehicles and 15 officers. 

Forensic officers on sceneForensic officers on scene (Image: Newsquest)

"It is quite worrying with all this going on early in the morning."

Another resident added: “I got up this morning at around 6.15am and the two cars were there. 

“Then I came home from work at 9.30am and the rest of the vehicles were there.”