A Ramsbottom author has turned his passion for acting into a new play that is set to hit the stage this summer.

Andrew Braiden self-published his debut novel The Swede in 2022 and followed it up with the semi-autobiographical How I Wrote a Book last year.

The latest creation is a comedy play called "Cupboard Boys" which is loosely based around his own experiences of amateur dramatics and will be brought to life by the All Saints Elton Theatre Company.

It will be performed at All Saints House on Orrell Street in Bury, on Thursday, August 1, and Friday, August 2, with doors opening at 7pm.

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Andrew said: “The play centres around a snobby amateur actor called Edward who is preparing himself for the performance of his life while sharing his dressing room - a cluttered cupboard - with three idiots who he considers unworthy of his limelight.

“For me it’s really exciting because we’re just over a month away from seeing Cupboard Boys brought to life. The hard work has been worth it.”

The author found his inspiration for the play while taking part in a production of Blood Brothers last year.

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He said: “Due to lack of space, myself and three other actors shared a storage cupboard to get changed in. I’d recently published How I Wrote a Book, a non-fictional account of my writing journey so far.

“Naturally, people began asking about my next project, suggesting I write something about amateur dramatics. I thought nothing of it.

“But then in that cramped cupboard I saw the potential for a comedy. Soon we were laughing and bouncing ideas off each other, and Cupboard Boys was born. Two weeks later I had written the first draft.

“It’s amazing how everything has moved along since then. All Saints have been great in supporting us with a space for rehearsals and everything else from set design and props to sound and lighting.”

Andrew added that the advantages of producing his own material is that he has the freedom to rewrite scenes if they don’t work.

He said: “The dream is to perform to a full audience - I believe the cast deserve that.

“It’s never easy giving up your time for these productions, but their commitment is what brings the story to life.

“I’ve loved watching their characters develop these past few months. Being part of an idea that began in a cupboard in October has been special.”

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