A police response team has outlined the difference it is making in Little Hulton, Walkden and the wider region.

Across the wider Salford area, officers have recorded 470 arrests made this year to date.

More than 180 of those arrests were for domestic abuse related offences – that’s almost one half of all arrests.

This particular response team have attended more than 3,000 incidents this year, ranging from burglary and robbery to domestic assaults and violent crime.

They have located countless missing people safe and well, removed high harm offenders from the streets and protected victims, particularly those suffering at the hands of their family or partners.

Stop and searches have increased in line with the overall trend across the force, with 436 conducted this year and said a police spokesman: "undoubtedly these searches have removed illicit drugs and dangerous weapons from the streets".

Stop and search powers were recently enhanced following a shooting in Little Hulton.

Police were called to Aspinall Crescent, in May this month, with one person suffering serious injuries

Inspector Matt Christian, said, “As we know, response policing is one of the hardest jobs in the business. The team are often faced with tough situations and decisions to make, all which carry the weight of people’s lives in the balance.

“It’s extremely rewarding, and I know the full team come to work everyday ready to tackle whatever comes their way. They will run into danger and put others before themselves to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

“We are particularly making strides in how we are tackling domestic abuse – those reports are often treated as grade 1 and 2 emergency and priority incidents, meaning we are needed quickly. As seen across the whole force, our response is getting quicker and quicker to these call outs, and we are safeguarding more victims than ever.

“Our work never stops, and we are proud to serve the communities of Salford. I would continue to encourage anyone who has been a victim of crime or has information about crime to contact us on 101, via the website, or using 999 in an emergency.”