“Enforcement” could be carried out against people across Bolton who let trees and hedges grow into the road.

The state of trees, hedges and bushes around roads and footpaths around the borough had provoked questions at town hall, especially given the dangers posed to disabled people.

Cllr David Wilkinson, of Westhoughton South, said that this was especially acute as vegetation continues to grow into the summer months.

Addressing a full meeting of Bolton Council, he said: “Most of us in this room are not visually impaired, most of us are not physically impaired.

“For some residents who are pedestrians, that is a major problem.

An overgrown footpath around the A6An overgrown footpath around the A6 (Image: Public)

“If you’re visually impaired and there’s a tree sticking out into the footpath and you don’t see it – smack right in your face! And this can cause injury etc.

“If you’re physically impaired you have to step out into the road, it doesn’t sound a lot, I hear this argument from people ‘just step into the middle of the road’, try doing that when you’re physically impaired, if you’re in a wheelchair or if you’re a parent.”

He added: “It may sound a non-question to some people but to others it is extremely important and to be honest it really bugs me.”

Cllr Wilkinson asked the council leadership what kind of measures its highways officers had in place to crack down on people who allowed trees and hedges to become overgrown.

In response, council cabinet member for transport, housing and highways Cllr Hamid Khurram said that enforcement powers were already in place.

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But he also said that more options would be looked at in future for dealing with overgrowing in areas like cemeteries and to improve maintenance.

Cllr Khurram said: “I can confirm that our highways inspectors have the power enforce upon residents whose vegetation has overgrown into the highway.”

He asked for any other representatives who had concerns about specific areas or roads to contact the council’s highways team.

Cllr Khurram said: “In the longer term the service is exploring options for next year and will explore appropriate options to ensure that ground maintenance in cemeteries is significantly improved.”