A former Co-Op store looks likely to be brought back into use after it became apparent the only objector was from a store across the road.

The applicant, Pravin Kumar Kalai Mani, applied for an alcohol licence for a Nisa Local store on Ainsworth Lane, in Tonge Moor, this year.

The former Co-Op store became a theatre school a few years ago when Taylor's Theatre Academy moved to the site. Taylor's Theatre Academy moved out of the site last year leaving it vacant.

The application for an alcohol licence aims to bring it back into use a Nisa Local store as well as a Post Office.

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The application said: "The premises at 242-244 Ainsworth Lane, Bolton, [...] is a corner property, prominently positioned on the main road.

"The area encompasses a mix of commercial properties and residential properties which enables the store to serve the community effectively."

There was one objector, Zafar Roshan, who was concerned about issues including anti-social behaviour and criminal behaviour. However, at a licensing committee at the town hall this week, it became apparent Mr Roshan was from a store across the road.

One councillor on the licensing committee, Susan Haworth, who was alongside David Chadwick and David Grant, challenged him on this.

(Image: Bolton Council)

Cllr Haworth said: "The only objection to come from the consultation is this. You are more than an average citizen so this is a situation where there is no objection from residents. 

"You say there is anti-social behaviour but there is no objection from the police on the application today. Are you aware of an objection from the police on the application today?"

Mr Roshan said: "I have served the community for six years and I have a relationship with the residents. They have come to me with their objections and this is why I have come to the council.

"I would like the committee to think about the residents of the area who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives."

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After consideration by Cllr Chadwick, Cllr Grant and Cllr Haworth the application for an alcohol licence was approved.

Once open the alcohol licence is until 10pm on most days, apart from Fridays and Saturdays, when it is until an hour later.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.