A youngster is changing the world a little at a time.

Harvey Haslam, aged seven, was inspired by lessons on the environment at Mytham Primary School to start doing litter-picks around Leverhulme Park.

When Harvey’s mum, Vicky Haslam, who works as a Tesco community champion, gave him a litter-picking device, Harvey was unstoppable in his efforts to clean up the local environment and help native wildlife.

Vicky said: “Harvey’s already been out three times and filled up two bin bags worth of litter. Just the other day as we were coming back from school he described a path leading up to the school as ‘vile’, in his words.

“So that’ll be our next spot to clear up, and I’m planning to keep taking him around so he can continue his litter-picks at different places near us.” Vicky said, adding: “It’s his own little way of changing the world.”