The full results have now been declared for each of Bolton’s three seats in the 2024 general election after a dramatic count held at Bolton Arena from Thursday night into Friday morning.

The night finished with Labour having claimed all three of the borough’s constituencies, Bolton South and Walkden, Bolton North East and Bolton West.

This was part of a nationwide landscape that won Labour a commanding majority in the House of Commons and will mean that they will form the next government.

The results in full:

Bolton North East

Hanif Alli (Green Party) – 4,683

Kevin Allsop (Independent) – 345

Kirith Entwistle (Labour Party) – 16,166

Rebecca Forrest (Liberal Democrat) – 1,507

Trevor Jones (Reform UK) – 9,428

Syeda Misbah Kazmi (Workers Party) – 1,463

John Partington (Independent) – 254

Adele Warren (Conservative Party) - 9,513

Counters worked through the nightCounters worked through the night (Image: Phil Taylor)

Bolton South and Walkden

Don Prof Reis Abraham Halliwell PRF (Independent) – 433

Mohammed Afzal (Conservative Party) – 4,170

Gemma Bowker (Liberal Democrat) – 1,384

Jack Khan (Workers Party) – 4,673

Philip Kochitty (Green Party) – 2,827

Julie Pattison (Reform UK) – 8,350

Yasmin Qureshi (Labour Party) - 15,093

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Bolton West

Vicki Attenborough (Green Party) – 4,132

Phil Brickell (Labour Party) – 17,363

Anthony Evans (Reform UK) – 8,517

Chris Green (Conservative Party) – 12,418

Patrick McGrath – English Democrats – 202

Donald McIntosh Liberal Democrats – 1,966