Former Countdown star Carol Vorderman has condemned years of “corruption, lies and gaslighting” from the Conservative Party as Labour won a landslide General Election victory.

Vorderman appeared on Channel 4's live election coverage and began celebrating after the exit poll predicted a 170-seat majority for Labour across the UK.

Later into the night, Rishi Sunak admitted defeat and it was confirmed Sir Keir Starmer will be the UK’s next prime minister.

Carol Vorderman goes on anti-Tory rant over general election results 

Speaking on the broadcaster's show, “Let’s get the party started, because they have gone,” discussing the Conservative Party.

“14 years of corruption, lies and gaslighting, you’ve got two ex-disgraced Tory chancellors in the studio.

“You’ve got Nadine Dorries, a woman who barely turned up last year as an MP.

“And everybody out there is thinking no more of this – no more of the lies, of the deceit, of the corruption, of the VIP PPE lane scandal, the betting scandal.

“Who could ever have thought that a government would be as utterly, utterly banal and ridiculous as this one.”

Voderman also spoke on X formerly known as Twitter, Vorderman added: “Here’s to a new chapter.”

“Johnny Mercer gone. Jacob Rees Mogg gone. Gillian Keegan gone. Tories we don’t have to endure anymore.”

The TV star has been vocal in her criticism of the Conservative Party, previously announcing she is set to publish a “part diary, part political manifesto” exposing the “incompetence and lies” in the party.


When will Sir Keir Starmer offically become Prime Minister?

Voderman gained a lot of public praise for her open opinion, as one X users shared: "You are wonderful! Enjoy every minute of this incredible victory.🎊   You've been fantastic to follow and so informative."

While another added: "Brilliantly delivered @carolvorders so much passion and honesty. Thank you for speaking for the millions who lost loved ones who died alone while those in power partied."

One more added: "Brilliant Carol. You speak for millions. Thank you for your tireless efforts. Great great job."