A man was arrested after police raided a farm suspected of breeding and training XL Bullys “to fight.”

The farm, believed to be in the Worsley area, was raided by police officers, helped by Greater Manchester Police’s dog section, and the RSPCA earlier this week on Tuesday July 3.

They say that two illegal dogs were seized while others were taken away for medical treatment after they were checked by a vet for “evidence of cruelty, fighting and being an illegal breed.”

Inspector Steve Corless said: "Following the change in legislation to XL Bullys it is important that this breed of dog is monitored closely and we have acted swiftly on concerns from the community.

Several dogs were foundSeveral dogs were found (Image: GMP)

“A couple have been seized as being suspected of being a banned breed, and specialist officers will assess if this is the case.”

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Police officers say that they raided the farm after they received local intelligence that "banned breeds were kept at the location and being trained to fight."

A police officer on the sceneA police officer on the scene (Image: GMP)

They also say there was evidence of equipment used to encourage these types of dogs to attack, which they are now investigating. 

Officers say that a man was arrested at the scene for on suspicion of animal cruelty offences to be questioned by specialist officers in custody.

Police have appealed for anyone with any concerns about any dog being an XL Bully and the owners to call 101 or 999 if there could be an immediate risk to the public.