A man has raised concerns after his car was pelted with eggs on a busy Bury road. 

The man, who asked not to be named, was driving in Angouleme Way in the town centre on Saturday, July 6, when a gang of youths stood near Bury Market hurled eggs at his vehicle as he was driving past. 

Now he has raised concerns at how "dangerous" this behaviour is. 

Dashcam footage supplied by the man, from Middleton, shows the moment that the incident happened as he passed a bus stop layby.

The victim said it was dangerousThe victim said it was dangerous (Image: Public)

A group of youths, mostly dressed in black, threw eggs which hit his car windscreen, causing him to slow down and have to use his screen wash and wipers to clear the mess. 

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He said: "I was driving through Bury in Angouleme Way and at the side of the road, kids were throwing stuff at cars

"I called the police and got it all on dashcam. 

"The kids were on the other side of the barrier by Bury Market, there were about six of them. 

"I have just cleaned the car, it looked like eggs." 

The incident took place on Angouleme WayThe incident took place on Angouleme Way (Image: Public)

He added: "I was driving past and all of a sudden, wallop, wallop, wallop. 

"It is dangerous. It's worrying that kids can do that."

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.