Children at a Bolton school have proven themselves to be “like superheroes in real life” with their tireless volunteering work.

The youngsters at St Catherine’s Academy were honoured with a visit from the Mayor of Bolton Cllr Andy Morgan, who presented them with citation for their work with RotaKids.

The programme helps the pupils at the Stitch-Mi-Lane, Breighmet school take part in a range of volunteering activities.

Addressing a whole school assembly, Cllr Morgan said: “Volunteering means helping others without expecting anything in return.

“It's like being a superhero in real life, but instead of wearing a cape, you use your time and talents to make a difference.

Children from St Catherine's Academy at The Withins Care HomeChildren from St Catherine's Academy at The Withins Care Home (Image: Bolton St Catherine's Academy)

“Here in Bolton, volunteering is super important.

“When we volunteer, we help make our community a better place for everyone.

“Imagine a park that's clean and safe because people like you took the time to pick up litter and plant flowers.

“Every small act of kindness adds up to a big change.”

He added: “The children are heroes in their own way and have made our community shine!”

RotaKids has given the children the chance to get involved in all kinds of voluntary activities.

This has ranged from raising money for water filters in Africa to bringing smiles to the faces of the elderly at The Withins care home by teaching them to play Uno.

Children have also helped to raise money with a duck race to fund the school's enrichment opportunities.

The RotaKids programme first started in March this year and has already exceeded expectations in its first few months.

St Catherine’s now plans to expand the membership to ten more children.

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Projects lined up include building a greenhouse out of recycled bottles on the school playground to grow plants for the sensory garden.

The school also has plans to lend money to those in need abroad to set up businesses and support their families through the international Lend with Care programme.

Deputy headteacher Christopher Hill said: “RotaKids provides the children at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy with the opportunity to gain an increased awareness and knowledge of their community and the world while developing the ability to take up their place in society as responsible, successful, effective and confident citizens both now and in the future.

“We are very proud of them to have received this citation.”