A train operator has overhauled its recruitment process to better support candidates with ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions.

The measures implemented by Northern after a comprehensive review are designed to ensure these applicants are better supported in their job quests.

Affected individuals include those with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia and Tourette's syndrome.

Applicants can now benefit from step-by-step breakdowns of the recruitment process, images of the interview room layout, permission to bring written notes to the interview, and a pledge to supply some of the interview questions in advance for preparation purposes.

Recruiters are also being offered guidance to help them understand how they can extract the best from neurodivergent applicants.

This focus has been spearheaded by Northern's neurodivergent employee advisory panel, set up in 2023, with the aim of making the company neuro-inclusive.

People director at Northern, Lisa Leighton, said: "Around 15 per cent of the UK population is neurodivergent, meaning their brain functions, learns and processes information differently to the other 85% of the country.

"Our neurodivergent employee advisory panel has done a great job these past 12 months - identifying ways we can support that 15% as they look to develop their career within the rail industry.

"There are some quick wins as well as some bold ambitions which I look forward to working with them on as we continue to attract the best and brightest into the sector."

Once all implemented measures are live, the train company, which runs 2,500 services a day to over 500 stations across Northern England, hopes to receive Neurodiversity Smart accreditation by the end of 2025.

This accolade is given to organisations striving to create an inclusive environment for their neurodivergent employees and customers.

These efforts are not the first diversity-championing work undertaken by Northern.

In 2023, the company was highly commended in the category of ‘Best In Inclusion’ at the Greater Manchester Good Employment Awards.