Travellers evicted from their site in Moses Gate have moved to Breightmet, provoking a mixed reaction from residents.

The Bolton News reported yesterday how the enforced closure of Bolton Gypsy and Traveller site got underway, with police and council officials on the site.

Now a number have moved onto greenspace in Breightmet.

A number of caravans are on Dome Park, just off Milnthorpe Road in Breightmet, and were there this morning.

Bolton Council is in the process of having them moved off the park.

Cllr Adele Warren said there has been a “mixed reaction” to their arrival.

She said: “I was informed as soon as they arrived. I reported it yesterday morning.

“There has been a mixed reaction. Some people have said they are very friendly.

“Others are not happy about it.

“We were given assurances from the council when they were evicted that they would not move to other parks but that is the first thing they have done.

“From what I understand they want to stay in Bolton as their children are in school here.

"The council will have to follow procedure"

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A court ordered a three-month closure because, of what the council and police describe as, the 'persistent criminal activity linked to the site'. 

Bolton Council officers said those impacted will be "offered a comprehensive support package".

But those living there say they have nowhere to go, with some moving to Breightmet.

A Bolton Council spokesperson said: "Yesterday the residents from Crompton Lodge left the site peacefully and the Council continues to support them to find appropriate accommodation.

“The two caravans located at Breightmet will be issued with appropriate notices and will be required to vacate once the statutory timeline has passed.”

Bolton Council says support for the Travellers includes access to reserved temporary accommodation and measures to ensure there is no disruption to school attendance.  

The council, in consultation with Greater Manchester Police, applied for the closure order citing a series of incidents at the site involving drugs, serious violent crime, and firearms

A separate traveller site emerged at the Regent's Park Golf Course in Lostock however it is understood this has no connection with the recent eviction.