A COUPLE whose lives were torn apart after an horrific car accident are finally marrying, two years on.

David Gallagher was knocked down in Lever Street, Bolton, after watching a Bolton Wanderers match on TV in the Uncle Tom’s Cabin pub on October 1, 2006.

He had spoken to his fiancée, Susan Bentham, just minutes before, telling her he was on his way home.

Mr Gallagher was on a life support machine for four weeks after the crash.

He was treated for serious head injuries, a shattered pelvis and two breaks in his right leg.

The couple had planned to marry last June, but everything was put on hold so he could recuperate.

Mr Gallagher, of Monton Street, Great Lever, said: “I'm so happy we’re finally getting married. It’s been such a long time coming.

“Susan has helped me through it all. We’ll always be together now.”

Mr Gallagher, aged 48, has been left with permanent damage. He now has epilepsy, for which he has to take tablets every day.

He also had to give up work as a lorry driver for bakery firm Hampsons.

Mrs Bentham, aged 45, said: “For a long time I didn’t think we would get to this day."

The motorist who knocked Mr Gallagher down was questioned by police but did not face charges.