Transport, congestion charging, and a proposed £3 billion investment in Manchester’s infrastructure have all been making the headlines of late.

Extensive consultation has sought the views of both residents and businesses.

There is no doubt that this is the biggest decision to have faced the city region in the 21st Century. But do we really know what’s at stake?

Marketing Manchester, the agency charged with promoting Manchester on a national and international stage, and MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency, have got together to produce a short film focused on the potential for transport to have a dramatic effect on the city region.

The Department for Transport has approved proposals made under the Transport Innovation Fund for a major investment in public transport, funded by a combination of Government Grant and income from a limited peak time weekday only congestion charge.

Colin Sinclair, chief executive of MIDAS, says: “The importance of a fully integrated and modern 21st century transport system to a growing conurbation cannot be underestimated. "Millions of commuters, residents and visitors move around the Manchester city region every day. "This experience should be as fast, easy, safe and accessible as possible. There must be choice as well as integration, whatever the form of transport.”

Andrew Stokes, chief executive of Marketing Manchester, adds: “People are the key to a city region’s economic success, their journeys must be cost effective and stress free. "The film highlights the importance of transport and the tradition that Manchester has in making radical decisions, from the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal in the 19th century to the investments proposed for the current day.”