GHOSTBUSTERS got to work at a Kearsley pub to get rid of spirits of a different kind.

The Unity Brook was visited by a team of paranormal investigators following an appeal for help in The Bolton News from spooked staff who wanted rid of unwanted ghostly punters.

Staff had reported seeing an apparition of a woman as well as orbs — reckoned to be early manifestations of spirits — on the screen of the pub’s CCTV system.

In desperation, landlady Mandy Grimshaw, aged 42, contacted the paper asking for an exorcism to be performed to get rid of the ghost.

That led to a team of psychic investigators led by Shaun Booth from Warrington, and including spiritual medium Gareth Lewis from Horwich, getting in touch.

They say they encountered spooky goings-on during their investigation.

Mr Booth said: “The cameras switched themselves off twice and a fully charged battery drained within seconds and the toilets were so cold. But I am confident that through neutralising the energy using my own power and salt and water, the ghost has gone.”

Mrs Grimshaw said she was keeping her fingers crossed that the apparition would no longer return.

She said: “They really were like the Ghostbusters with their equipment.

“We were asked if we wanted to keep the ghost for publicity reasons, but I said I wanted it gone. The orbs appear every night and the apparition is seen once or twice I week. I am hoping that now she will not return.”