A PROMINENT Tory has been warned of court action over a roadside advert promoting her “vote No” message on the congestion charge.

Bolton Council has twice ordered Susan Williams to remove the sign from a trailer on land in Lostock because it does not have planning permission.

Officers have written to Ms Williams, who is bidding to become the next Bolton West MP , for a second time, saying “those concerned” could be prosecuted.

The banner, in Ravensdale Road, off Chorley New Road, reads “Susan Williams says NO to the congestion charge” and features the Conservative party logo.

The council first asked Ms Williams to remove it in October, which she did. But council planning committee members recently spotted it again and several complained.

Officials wrote to Ms Williams warning that if it was not removed within seven days and ever appeared again, immediate court action would be taken.

A council spokesman said billboards usually needed planning permission unless they are on private property and relate directly to the premises.

Ms Williams said she had not received a second request and claimed the Labour-run council was being petty.

Yesterday she said: “I got permission from the land owner. It is a different banner on the same site.

“I’m not worried that it would ever get to court. It has now been taken down”