CHILDREN showed off their musical talents at a Christmas concert.

Dozens of pupils from Booth’s Music performed at the Masonic Hall in Institute Street.

It included a selection of instruments such as the piano, violin, guitar, flute as well as singing.

Hundreds of proud parents and friends packed out the hall to watch the youngsters.

Nine-year-old Henry Duncan played the guitar to entertain the audience.

Booth’s Music is a musical instrument shop in Churchgate and was established in 1832.

Two years ago it was extended to a music school for people of all ages.

Now with over 100 students Jean Aspinall, co-owner, is delighted with its success.

She said: “It started as a small venture and now it has grown and it is fantastic.

“For a lot of the children it is their first time of performing in front people and they did really well.

“The age range of students range from five up to 80 and we are so pleased that we decided to do this.

”We hope that this will be the first of many concerts.”