An eletrical fault may have caused a house fire in Bolton in which a woman died, say fire investigators.

Faye Bird, aged 37, was pulled unconscious from her bedroom by fire crews shortly after 3am on Sunday.

She was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Paul Etches, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service spokesman, said an investigation was underway but that a definite cause had not yet been confirmed.

He said: “However, the focus of the investigation is now looking at a possible electrical fault.

One theory fire investigators are exploring is that the fault occurred in the house wiring and that the fire started in the kitchen.

Eight firefighters tackled the blaze at the house in Tong Head Avenue, Hall i’th’ Wood, in which Faye’s mother, Angela Bird, survived after being woken by one of her cats.

The 59-year-old discovered the fire downstairs and went out of the house to get help.

When she returned, she shouted to her daughter, but Miss Bird was unable to get downstairs because of the smoke.

Firefighters from Bolton Central, Bolton North and Farnworth stations arrived at the house at 3.12am and Mrs Bird told them her daughter was trapped inside.

Fire officers wearing breathing apparatus entered the semi-detached property to rescue Miss Bird.

They found her in a back bedroom, unconscious and not breathing.

There was extensive damage to the kitchen and the whole house was damaged by heat and smoke.

Two Doberman dogs and two cats were pulled from the house and died at the scene.

A neighbour with cystic fibrosis was treated for smoke inhalation and taken to hospital as a precaution.

Mrs Bird, who has angina and multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair, was unhurt. She is being cared for by neighbours Dawn and Mark Henderson.