A TALENTED pool player died after accidentally taking an overdose of anti-depressants.

Chris Shorrock, who played for the team at the Pike View pub in the Deane and Daubhill pool league, took about 10 tablets after a match, Bolton Coroner’s Court heard.

Mr Shorrock, who was 27, was playing pool at the Gilnow Arms in Deane Road, Bolton, on July 9 last year and returned to the house he shared with his dad, in Freshfield Grove, Great Lever, at about midnight.

He made a cup of tea and went to bed, telling his dad, Terry Shorrock, “I’ll see you in the morning”.

At about 2am, his dad heard a banging noise, which he thought was his son going to the bathroom.

About an hour later, he heard more banging and got up to see what it was. He found Chris having a fit in his bedroom.

Mr Shorrock called 999, and Chris was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital, where he died just after 5am.

Pathologist Dr Stephen Wells said his death was caused by a combination of the overdose and choking on his vomit.

Several packets of anti-depressants, both full and empty, were found in his bedroom. The pills had been prescribed to his father eight years ago.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Jennifer Leeming said: “I don’t believe that Chris would intentionally take an overdose.

“I have no reason to believe that he had any intention of doing so.”

Mr Shorrock’s sisters, Lisa, aged 20, and Kelly, aged 19, said Chris was outgoing, funny and very happy.

Lisa said: “If you were down he was the kind of person you would go to see to cheer you up.”

Mr Shorrock was a keen Liverpool fan, and his bedroom was full of pool trophies he had won, both for his team and in individual competitions.