THESE dramatic pictures show a driver trying to mow down a youth as he flees down a back street.

The incident was captured on CCTV outside The Bolton News offices.

Three youths are seen running along Silverwell Street as a silver Vauxhall Astra speeds down the road behind them.

After the group of runners rounds the corner heading towards Churchgate, the Astra mounts the pavement and smashes into one of the youths.

He rolls over the bonnet before landing on the road, narrowly missing the vehicle’s back wheel. He then gets up and limps away while his two companions manage to stay clear of the vehicle.

The car’s brake lights only come on after it hits the youth and returns to the road. After ploughing into the youth, the Astra turns into Churchgate and speeds away towards the town centre.

The two youths who escaped also run towards town, while the one who was hit by the car heads in the opposite direction towards St Peter’s Way. Police said they were aware of the incident, but no-one involved had come forward to say they had been hit by a car.

A police spokesman said: “Until someone reports that they are a victim of a crime, then no crime has been committed.”