HAIRDRESSER to the stars Simon Shaw is used to styling Premiership footballers, but yesterday he showed his clipping skills to a group of Bolton students.

Simon, whose skills include cutting hair to music, gave a workshop at Bolton Community College just before he jetted off to his next show in Amsterdam.

Simon is the artistic director for Wahl UK and travels all over the world performing shows, which are mixture of haircutting and comedy.

He visited the college yesterday to teach Bolton’s next generation of hairdressers how to cut with style.

Simon said: “Sometimes when you go into a salon and you see people cutting hair — and the girls are worst for this — they just stand there and hold their client’s head.

“You need to get a bit of rhythm, a bit of flow to it, so that’s why I do it to music.”

As well as clipping to music, Simon demonstrated a technique of his own invention, “flick and smack”, in which he quickly flicks hair upwards and cuts it with a smacking motion.

Hairdressing teachers at Bolton Community College were impressed by Simon’s skills when they went to one of his live shows, so receptionists Liz Pycroft and Jenny Martin invited Simon to come and perform at the college.

Liz also volunteered to have her hair cut, along with drama student Chris McWilliam, aged 17.

Liz said she was very pleased with the results.

She said: “It’s fantastic, and it feels much lighter as well. I really like it. It’s like I’ve got a new image.

“I’ll be out every night this weekend now, I think.”

Chris said: “Mine’s awesome — it’s much better than it was.

“I’ve paid so much money in the past to have my hair styled and it’s never worked, but he’s done a really good job.”

During his performance, Simon drew howls of laughter from his audience as he made fun of his subjects and one unlucky student who he caught texting her boyfriend during his show.

Simon said he was delighted to come and demonstrate his skills for the students.

“If you can teach young people and inspire them, it’s always a good thing to do.”

Simon, from Barnsley, no longer works in a salon, but still cuts hair for friends and celebrities, including footballers Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney.

He is good friends with the manager of Barnsley FC, Simon Davey, and often cuts his and the players’ hair at the club.