It’s 1984. Madonna’s riding high in the charts, your little brother can’t keep his hands off his Rubik’s Cube and you just can’t get enough of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Flash forward 25 years – wow dude, where would we be? Well, in fact homey, not a million miles away. Awesome!

Now 25 years on, Madonna’s still riding high in the charts, your nephew’s nearly cracked that Rubik’s Cube (with expert advice from dad of course) and Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s groundbreaking song ‘Relax’ is being used to accompany this year’s biggest advert, celebrating 25 years of Virgin Atlantic.

So, what else has stood the test of time of a quarter of a century? Heat’s Hannah Fernando has come up with her ‘Red Hot Guide’ featuring five iconic people, films and songs from the last 25 years.

They say what goes around comes around and, when it comes to trends, the old adage seems to be true!