A DYING man has made a plea for help so he can leave a £100,000 legacy to his family.

Ronald Tetlow was diagnosed with fatal mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining in lungs, in April 2007 and he now has months to live.

The 79-year-old, of Farnworth, was exposed to asbestos while working for Henry Crossley (Packings) Limited, of Hill Mill, Astley Bridge, between 1959 and 1970.

The courts ordered the firm to pay him £110,000 in compensation — but because the company is no longer in business he will not see any of the money.

The only hope is to trace his former employer’s liability insurers from the time he worked there.

Mr Tetlow, who has two children, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren, said: “It is frustrating to know that the courts have awarded me this money but because no records have been kept to show who insured my employer when I worked there, I will be left with nothing.”

Despite enquiries with the Association of British Insurers (ABI), specialist insurance archaeologists, correspondence with the former company director and secretary and with local firms of solicitors, there is no record of the insurers.

Dr Brian Iddon, MP for Bolton South East, and Thompsons Solicitors, who are supporting Mr Tetlow, are calling for anyone who knows who insured Henry Crossley between 1959 and 1970, or worked for the firm, to come forward.

If anyone has any information they should contact Diana Fos on 0151 2241609.