PUB landlords in Bolton have hit out at the Government for pushing “grossly inaccurate” information in a new drink awareness campaign.

The Know Your Limits campaign, launched today, highlights the calories contained in alcohol and points out that many people across Greater Manchester are ignorant when it comes to knowing how unhealthy some drinks can be.

It says more than a third of drinkers in the county do not know a glass of white wine has the same calories as a bag of crisps, while a similar amount do not know a pint of lager has more calories than a sausage roll.

Jan Hutchinson, director of public health at NHS Bolton, said: “This survey shows that many people in Greater Manchester have a surprising lack of awareness about the amount of calories in alcohol.

“Keeping track of your calorie and alcohol intake will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But Lee Le Clercq, regional secretary of the British Beer & Pub Association, said the campaign was “promulgating false information”.

He highlighted the nutritional content of a branded sausage roll to a typical pint of lager to show that the lager has fewer calories — 240 compared to 384 — and zero fat content compared to 27.9g in the sausage roll.

He added: “The medical profession is in a privileged position — everyone believes their doctor — but with that position comes a responsibility to ensure that statements are unambiguous and accurate."