A CHURCH organist says vinegar has cured her of crippling arthritis.

Sarah Gall was in agony and virtually housebound after developing the condition in early 2005.

But daily doses of a cider vinegar concoction have transformed her life and she has now written a book to tell others about her recovery.

Mrs Gall had to give up playing the organ at St Stephen and All Martyrs Church in Darcy Lever, but is now back performing the role following her recovery.

“I was in excruciating pain and became violently ill from the painkillers,” said Mrs Gall, aged 55, of Rochdale.

“Within three months of using cider vinegar, the pain was gone and my life has been transformed. I am in control of my condition now and I am treating myself.”

She now swears by the natural remedy and takes it four times a day, combining the homespun treatment with regular exercise, Epsom Salt baths and a healthy diet.

Mrs Gall, who has four children with husband Alan, was bought a book on treating arthritis without medication by her daughter, which started her on the road to recovery.She has now written a book — One Advance Against Arthritis — to tell others about similar treatments.

Mrs Gall said: “I really want to tell people about this in case someone else is going through this and is desperate.”

Dr Binoj Nair, of the samedaydoctor clinic in Manchester, said: “If it works for you then great, as long as it’s not doing you any harm or interacting with any other medication. It won’t work for most people though. There is no particular evidence that anything like this works. The most important thing is that see your doctor and get the lowdown first.”