AN enterprising teenager has started her own business in her parents’ living room — as a pole dancing instructor.

Jess Norris, aged 16, bought a pole and taught herself, using DVDs and various websites.

She then started teaching friends and converted her parents’ second living room into a studio with four poles.

Business is now booming, with Jess holding classes each weekday night and on Saturday afternoons.

She is the youngest pole dancing teacher in the country and is a member of Pole Dance Community.

Jess, of Westhoughton, said: “I got the pole and I just went on it all the time. It was addictive. I was getting so toned up so quickly.

“I started teaching my friends and put something on Facebook about it. Now I have more than 100 ladies who come along, of all different ages, including mums and daughters.

“It’s basically a dance school. We’ve had lots of positive feedback.

“It is really good for the dancers because it tones every single muscle in the body, including ones you don’t even know you have.”

She is currently applying for planning permission for change of use from a living room to a dance studio.

Some neighbours have expressed concerns about the number of cars parked outside of the house during the lessons.

Jess said: “There are up to seven cars parked outside during the classes. The ladies don’t block anybody’s drive and we have a massive boundary anyway.

“I do think if we were holding a church group, they wouldn’t complain.”

She is hoping the problem will resolve itself because she is looking for larger premises to set up a new studio.

Jess’s mum, Alana, and her step-dad, Simon Peach, are supporting Jess in her business venture.

“We are very proud of her,” her mum said.

Jess is due to start an NVQ Level 2 course in fitness at Wigan and Leigh College in September.